Computational Job

January 19, 2024

A single, discrete task that is done on some set of HPC resources. This could be a data processing step of a, for example, large genomics workflow, or the calculation step for the forces in aerodynamics (CFD), or a run of AI training. Any pre- and post-processing steps like setting up some directories for a simulation to use or running a Python script to aggregate some results in a standard data format would also be considered computational jobs, though based on the organization of the HPC workflow at hand, these may all be distinctly separate computational jobs run at different points rather than one job run all at once. A computational job need not necessarily be run with some kind of parallel computing, especially in the pre- or post- processing job case, but in many cases, a computational job is also a parallel computing task. In this case, the parallelism can be MPI-based, or embarrassingly parallel-based, each with a different purpose and suited to different tasks being accomplished by the underlying application.