Why is CIQ's Support Different From the Rest?

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  • Zane Hamilton, Director-Sales Engineering, CIQ
  • Robert Adolph, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder, CIQ

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Full Webinar Transcript:

CIQ Model For Support [00:00]

Zane Hamilton:

We talk about supportability. To me, whenever I see the word enroll, it reminds me of that old way of, “I have to enroll every node” and it becomes painful, because then I think you're counting. One of the things that really interested and excited me about CIQ was the model for support. It's not like most places. Instead of having to do a per node model where you're having to count and keep track, we actually have the option to support people. I know Robert's been passionate about that the whole time. We don't want to support nodes or hosts. We want to support people. It’s kind of his mantra.

CIQ Model For Success [00:33]

Robert Adolph:

We believe if we help the people that are managing the environments be successful, and we are working with them specifically to be successful, then we will be successful and so will they. Our model is designed to support those different folks at the different levels of the support that they need. It gives us and them the freedom to then architect something based on what they need and what they want instead of having to worry about their licensing model and how that's going to affect what they're doing.