CIQ's live chat with the ProTech Show! Part 9

March 7, 2022

The team talks about the smallest Rocky Linux configuration.

Watch the entire video on ProTech Show's channel here: Rocky Linux Live Q&A  


  • Andrew Quinn, IT Consultant, The Pro Tech Show

  • Gregory Kurtzer, CEO, CIQ

  • Mustafa Gezen, Senior Software Engineer, CIQ

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Full Webinar Transcript:

Andrew Quinn:

What is the smallest Rocky configuration planned at this stage? Would that be the minimal installers or something else?

Gregory Kurtzer:

I'm going to call on Mustafa for this one.

Mustafa Gezen:

We don't have anything specific for edge computing right now. But it's important to start thinking about it, especially since all the big distributors started advertising for edge computing-specific resources. But we need to work with the other distributors and send it to the stream. Maybe look into another segment within the RESF. But it's something that we think about.

Gregory Kurtzer:

It also adds SIGs, the special interest groups. I know that there are people currently doing Raspberry Pi work with Rocky. We have an embedded SIG and a cloud SIG. We've got a container SIG. And again, all of this will hopefully come back into special interest groups, which will become available to the community. 

Andrew Quinn:

Okay. I'm glad you jumped in there because I forgot to unmute myself. Typical.