Ascender for Networking

August 17, 2023

Automation for networking can be both scalable and secure when using CIQ's Ascender to run your Ansible playbooks on an enterprise platform. Join us and ask us questions as we demo Config As Code with backup to git coupled with point in time rollbacks!

About Ascender: Ascender, leveraging open source Ansible AWX, governs automation of Rocky Linux workloads and other infrastructure at an enterprise level. With Ascender, a single administrator can apply complex patches, security hardening standards, or other changes to a fleet of servers or other devices—with the click of a button or an API call. Ascender’s web-based GUI and REST API allows for easy consumption of automation by end users who have varying levels of technical expertise and responsibilities. In addition, audit logs and access controls prevent unintended changes and production downtimes.


  • Zane Hamilton, Vice President of Sales Engineering, CIQ: LinkedIn

  • Rose Stein, Sales Operations Administrator, CIQ: LinkedIn

  • Greg Sowell, Principal Solutions Engineer, CIQ: LinkedIn

  • Michael Ford, Director of Sales Engineering, CIQ: LinkedIn

  • Jimmy Conner, Principal Customer Advocate, CIQ: LinkedIn