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Provision and build high-performance Linux clusters at any scale, with full support from the experts at CIQ.

Build Clusters Like a Beast

Warewulf is a stateless and diskless container provisioning system that makes it easy to build and administer high performance Linux clusters. It is fully customizable and can be adapted to just about any type of cluster. From a software administration perspective, it doesn't make much difference whether you are running 2 nodes or 2,000 nodes. The advantage of stateless cluster tools is that, by design, they help ensure that the image is consistent across all nodes in the cluster.

Understood by Experts Who Are on Your Side

Support and services for Warewulf are available from CIQ. Not only did our CEO, Gregory Kurtzer, create the Warewulf project, but also we employ experts who can help you tackle the most challenging Warewulf configuration.

The first person you talk with will stay with you through resolution. We don’t route you to a call center or Level 1 support technician who doesn’t have the knowledge to solve your issue.

CIQ, Open Source to the Core

At CIQ, the Open Source Ethos informs all that we do. That’s why we encourage our customers to engage with the Community directly to learn first-hand about the many advantages of Rocky Linux. Our goal is to add value on top of Rocky Linux and other key open source technologies in the form of escalation support, customization, optimization, integration, and professional services.

CIQ Support Offerings Standard Advanced
Hours of Coverage Standard Business Day 6am–6pm PT 24x7
Support Channels Self Help, Phone, Tickets, Email & Chat Self Help, Phone, Tickets, Email & Chat
Number of Cases Unlimited Unlimited
Escalation Efforts User, System Administration, and Security Escalation Dedicated Point of Contact for User, System Administration, Security, Engineering, and Development Escalation
Support By the Person Unlimited Nodes, Containers, Virtual Machines Unlimited Nodes, Containers, Virtual Machines
Support By the Node 50 Nodes = 1 Person 50 Nodes = 1 Person
Response Times Initial Response Ongoing Response Initial Response Ongoing Response
Severity 1 1 Business Hour 1 Business Hour 15 Minutes 1 Hour
Severity 2 6 Business Hours 6 Business Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours or Agreed
Severity 3 6 Business Hours 1 Business Day 2 Hours 1 Day or Agreed
Severity 4 6 Business Hours 1 Business Day 2 Hours 1 Day or Agreed


We Support People, Not Sockets or Cores. People.

Whether for IT infrastructure or cutting-edge research, we believe in empowering people to do amazing things. When people succeed, teams succeed, and when teams succeed, organizations succeed. We start where it matters most: with the people.

With this model, we don’t count, audit, or bill for systems, entitlements, cloud instances, virtual machines, or containers because they don’t count. It’s the people who count.

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