Full Lifecycle Support

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The CIQ support staff can extend your team to provide best-in-class escalation help. You always have access to the answers you need,
whenever you need it.

Whatever keeps your IT staff up at night, we're here to help put it to rest!

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Full Lifecycle Support from CIQ

Migration Services

Whether you're coming from RHEL, CentOS, or another Enterprise Linux distribution, switching to Rocky Linux is a straight forward process, with CIQ experts standing by to assist you at any point along the way.


CIQ offers enterprise and escalation support for Rocky Linux, empowering users to adopt the fastest-growing Enterprise Linux with the assurance of top-tier expertise backing them every step of the way.

Long-Term Support

The Rocky Linux community only supports each minor release of Rocky Linux until the next minor release is published. CIQ LTS for Rocky Linux provides extended security and bugfix support for specific minor releases (like 8.6), allowing for greater stability in mission-critical deployments.

Supporting Your Infrastructure

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High Performance Computing Solutions


With Rocky Linux, Warewulf, and Apptainer, CIQ is already at the foundation of today's HPC platforms. With these innovative products, CIQ is actively shaping the future of high performance computing, setting new standards, and driving technological advancements that redefine what's possible in this rapidly evolving field.

Cluster Design and

CIQ specializes in designing and deploying HPC environments that are specifically tailored to your needs and budget. Since our solutions are based on open platforms, we ensure that your cluster can be maintained and supported long into the future.

People, not

At CIQ, we support people, not nodes or CPUs. Grow your cluster to any size without worrying about your support costs getting out of hand. Our support solutions are designed to enhance productivity and innovation, ensuring that as your team's computational demands grow, our support evolves in sync. With CIQ, you're not only building software infrastructure but also unlocking potential.


Unmatched Experience

CIQ's DNA goes all the way back to the creation of CentOS. We've
been there for the birth of HPC, the emergence of containerization, and the evolution of configuration management. And we'll be here developing the next computing innovation to support you.

Direct from the Creators

As a dedicated open source company, CIQ's expertise spans across a wide range of projects like Rocky Linux, Apptainer, Warewulf, and Ascender. Our deep understanding and extensive experience with these technologies enable us to not only support but also enhance and innovate within these open source ecosystems.

Cost Efficiency

Because CIQ supports people and not processors, there's no need to
separate your environment between official and unofficial
deployments. Use the same software everywhere, get the same
support everywhere; your support scales with your team.

Tailored Support

CIQ is on your team! CIQ collaborates closely with you, understanding your unique challenges to craft solutions specifically for your organization. Our active role in open source communities enables us to provide innovative functionality, precisely when you need it, ensuring seamless integration with upstream developments.

CIQ Support Offerings Standard Premium
Hours of Coverage Standard Business Day 
8am - 6pm in customer's designated timezone3 24x7 FTS Support1
Support Channels Web & Email Web & Email
Named Customer Success Manager
Slack Access to CSM2
Response Times Initial and Ongoing Response
 Initial and Ongoing Response
Severity 1 (Urgent) 1 business hour Initial Response: 30 minutes

Ongoing Response: 1 hour or as agreed
Severity 2 (High) 4 business hours 2 hours or as agreed
Severity 3 (Normal) 1 business day 4 business hours or as agreed
Severity 4 (Low) 2 business days 1 business days or as agreed

1 24x7 “Follow the Sun” (FTS) Support for Severity 1 Issues. Otherwise, standard SLA’s applyA.
2 Reserved for Enterprise customers with defined spend agreement.
3 See Terms & Conditions and the MSA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Rocky Linux enterprise-level escalation support?

Enterprise-level escalation support from Rocky Linux includes security updates, bug fixes, long-term support, and technical support.

How long is the support cycle for Rocky Linux?

The support cycle for Rocky Linux is 10 years after each [major] release.

Is extended or long-term support available for Rocky Linux?

Yes, CIQ offers Rocky Linux Long Term Support (“LTS”). Subscribed customers who prefer stability can remain on their desired minor release while still enjoying security and bugfix updates to their packages. CIQ supports non-zero, even-numbered point releases (8.6, 8.8, 9.2, 9.4, etc.) with its LTS offerings. LTS support lasts for 18 months after the release is retired from the community project. For example, Rocky 8.6 was retired in November 2022. CIQ’s LTS-8.6 support will last 18 months from that, or May 2024.

Is there a cost for Rocky Linux community support?

No, Rocky Linux is open source software and community support is provided at no cost.

Who provides escalation support for Rocky Linux?

Enterprise-level escalation support for Rocky Linux is provided by CIQ, which has experts available who can help you advance your mission.

What is CIQ’s response time for technical support requests?

The response time for technical support requests varies, depending on whether the customer has signed up for standard or advanced support. However, the Rocky Linux support team is committed to providing timely and effective support for all its customers.