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CIQ provides enhanced capabilities to the software infrastructure, extending Rocky Linux for the most secure government networks to the most heavily regulated industries and jurisdictions. We work 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Secure from the ground up

CIQ couples Rocky Linux, a secure and open community validated foundation, ith the enhanced capabilities,  corporate stability, and support of CIQ. Secure delivery. Track every step in the software supply chain. Customize for your security and compliance needs with hardened, optimized images.

A closer look at security:

Rocky Linux security fundamentals from the experts

Dig into our security protocols with this webinar covering everything from secure boot and locking your terminal to CVE management, security patches, and FIPS 140-3 compliance.

The OS that’s government ready

Rocky Linux is going through validation by the latest Federal Information Processing Standard, FIPS 140-3. This validates that our cryptographic capabilities meet the highest tamper-resistant standards and is fully eligible for U.S. government contracts. CIQ is proud to serve some of the most demanding government and defense clients along with other sensitive industries like healthcare and finance.

Stop hunting for security patches

Protect yourself from natural disasters and localized network outages by expanding to the public cloud. Rocky Linux and our other open source tools go everywhere, including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

Automation with auditability

Misconfiguration remains one of the leading security threats on any Linux system. This is where fleet management via automation makes all the difference. Couple that with total visibility and auditing into your infrastructure, and you end up with security at scale with reporting for your CISO. CIQ will also provide you with push button playbooks for various security configuration and hardening (e.g. CIS Benchmarks).

Migrate and strengthen without worry

Rocky Linux can go toe-to-toe with any enterprise Linux distribution in providing outstanding security and compliance. Wherever your organization is today, you can migrate safely and easily to Rocky Linux to enjoy the best of both worlds: open source transparency with corporate backing from CIQ.

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