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Do it faster with CIQ

CIQ was born to bring the benefits of high-performance computing into the enterprise and cloud. Get the speed you need for high performance and enterprise computing. Get the cost savings for running more efficiently and doing more with less.

High performance engineering for your enterprise workloads

At CIQ, we are high performance junkies. Whether it’s optimizing the infrastructure, fine-tuning performance parameters, or lowering your infrastructure cost, we love the challenge of getting you further faster with our tailored environments and support.

Get high-performance compute for on-prem, cloud, and hybrid infra

Fuzzball: The HPC 2.0 Solution

See how Fuzzball provides cloud-native & on-prem supercomputing. No more waiting in long queues when your job exceeds on-prem resources: now you have the best of on-prem and the cloud at your fingertips.

The age of AI

We are building the operating system for the age of AI, where the majority of applications are going to require the highest levels of performance and scalability.

Custom images built for your needs

CIQ produces optimized images for your use cases. From on-premise, to the cloud, and the edge, our Linux images are optimized for the result you need, delivered how you need.

Scale faster than the business

Scale exacerbates performance problems. If you are building large resources, you want to ensure your infrastructure is achieving the best performance. How do you do that? The answer is CIQ.

High-performance without the costs

You shouldn’t have to choose between performance and value. At CIQ, pay only for the solutions you need and enjoy higher performance that costs less. Maximize your ROI and increase your resources available for other IT challenges

Actually do more with less

Everyone is being told to  do more with less, but the “less” never seems to show up. CIQ will get you there with optimized Rocky images, standardized deployment, and high-performance computing. Get the training and guidance your team needs to succeed in optimizing your architecture, from day one of migration to year ten of our long-term support guarantee.

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