Linux Standardization

Simpler IT begins with the OS

Enterprise tech gets complicated, consistency is key. Simplify management, and ready your enterprise for any future challenge with Linux standardization.

Automate and sync across your entire enterprise lifecycle

Make your life easier and reduce complexity. Choosing Rocky Linux means bug-for-bug compatibility with RHEL/CentOS so apps and services run smoothly without changes. This makes it easier to manage your systems and keep them secure, whether they’re on-site, in the cloud, or hybrid.

Standardize and simplify

While all Linux distributions are open source and offer customization, Rocky Linux stands out for its supportability with CentOS. 

Good support includes quick server setup, software updates and keeping your systems secure, meaning lower costs and fewer problems for your enterprise.

Secure your entire enterprise OS

We know security is your top priority. With Linux standardization, your security policies are consistently applied across all systems. Every system adheres to the same standards,  making it easier to comply with privacy laws and regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.

You can apply security patches uniformly and promptly. Test a single patch and deploy it across all your systems, protecting against breaches and minimizing vulnerability.

Unify to free up time

With consistent methods, your teams can focus on improving customer experiences and your product instead of dealing with enterprise tech complexity.

Linux standardization fosters collaboration, speeds up development, improves software quality, and fuels long-term innovation and sustainability.

Reduce costs through automation

Large enterprises have lots of moving parts. Standardization means fewer variables in system setup, allowing automated tools to manage thousands of machines, system deployments, and maintenance tasks efficiently.

Standardization begins with Rocky Linux

Rocky Linux is a community-driven ecosystem with unparalleled support and a vibrant network of like-minded individuals dedicated to shaping the future of open source technology.

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