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Get big results from small actions with our automation tools. Just one click can update configs on all your servers at once, making everything work better together.

Ascender and Ledger: A powerful duo for automation and compliance

Basic automation tools can't keep up as you grow. With Ascender and Ledger, your team spends less time tweaking and more time leading, scaling with your enterprise's ever-changing demands. Plus, you can use your existing Ansible playbooks.

Scale to any automation task

Whether it's managing a few systems or orchestrating complex workflows across your entire enterprise infrastructure, Ascender and Ledger liberates your team to innovate.


See how Ascender and Ledger work together

Embark on your Ascender and Ledger automation journey with our complimentary online training series. This series spans from basic setup to advanced automation techniques.

Prefer a more hands-on approach? Let us know if you'd like a personalized demo, whether virtually or in person. We're ready when you are!

Convert workflow tasks into valuable intel

Ascender executes Ansible playbooks, turning routine and complex workflows into actionable insights with Ledger. This duo makes automated tasks a source of valuable information for improved decision-making and compliance tracking.

Compliance made convenient

Ascender's task automation, paired with Ledger's real-time tracking, offers a detailed audit trail of changes across your infrastructure. Systems are correctly configured and remain within compliance standards, turning audits from cumbersome to convenient.

Tackle any automation challenge

We’ll help you automate any task or process, offering customized solutions to suit your unique needs.

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