Tackle Performance Intensive Workloads with CIQ + OpenHPC

Put the leading open source HPC software to work for you, backed by the leading experts in the industry.

CIQ + OpenHPC: A Complete High Performance Computing Solution

The CIQ High Performance Computing (HPC) software stack allows individuals and teams in research, academia, and industry to harness the full power of computational resources and easily and efficiently execute critically important performance-intensive workloads. CIQ combines expertise across HPC, Linux, and enterprise software environments to provide a complete, integrated solution that stays abreast of the fast-paced technology world.

We integrate the rock-solid Rocky Linux operating system, containerization with Apptainer (formerly Singularity), and cluster provisioning with Warewulf, to deploy reliable, scalable system infrastructure. We collaborate with the OpenHPC community and hardware vendors to integrate performance optimizations, creating a one-of-a-kind toolkit for organizations that need to rapidly and reliably harness advanced computing technologies.

Traditional HPC, the CIQ Way

OpenHPC Value

The OpenHPC community provides structure and value by maintaining stable software builds and combinations of software components employed by both open source and proprietary applications. CIQ collaborates with the OpenHPC community to vet and curate crucial open source software applications and stacks. By working closely with the community, CIQ and the CIQ HPC software stack enhance the value of OpenHPC with professional support and services.

Hardware Optimizations

In addition to open source software, CIQ provides services to integrate vendor-specific software drivers and libraries that can dramatically increase performance and productivity. CIQ engages across the ecosystem of vendors providing silicon, accelerators, networking fabrics, and storage components. By working with the whole ecosystem, CIQ can manage the complex integration of these components to meet your specific compute needs.

Productivity Is the Goal

Deploying HPC clusters is no longer a dark art. The CIQ HPC software stack simplifies deployment so that individuals and teams can reap the benefits of powerful, leading-edge technologies across research and enterprise environments.

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