High Performance Computing (HPC)

Making HPC accessible to all innovators

Drive your science forward by using our integrated, industry-leading computing stack to build, manage, and run HPC efficiently and effectively.

Built on the best of open source computing

Our market-leading HPC software stack combines the stability of Rocky Linux, the ease of Warewulf, and the flexibility of Apptainer into a single unified solution. Focus on innovation and users, leaving the complexities of HPC management to us.

Customer Story:

How CIQ helped the University of Montana Transform their underperforming HPC

The University of Montana’s (UM) CentOS-based operating system suffered from poor set up, a lack of monitoring, failing nodes, and inefficiencies leading to poor performance. We listened to leaders and end-users to develop a plan for an efficient new cluster and the training needed to maintain it. UM was able to deploy the new cluster “faster than we’d imagined” and can focus on building trust and capacity with their users over the long term.

Rocky Linux: open source enterprise operating system

Rocky Linux has become one of the leading operating systems for HPC environments.

Warewulf: Simplified Cluster Management

Warewulf, created by our CEO and founder, is the pioneer and standard for large-scale cluster deployment and provisioning in HPC.

Apptainer: Containers for Performance-Intensive Computing

The technology that first brought rootless containers to HPC. Apptainer, formerly Singularity, is the most widely utilized container technologies within HPC environments.

OpenHPC: Compatibility with Community Solutions

OpenHPC is a well-established community project focused on building a standard distribution of HPC libraries, applications, documentation, and tools. OpenHPC deployments use CIQ-supported projects like Rocky Linux and Warewulf and also integrates with our ecosystem.

Scalable & Secure, Trusted & Transparent

At CIQ, we believe in making HPC accessible and straightforward so you’re prepared for any demanding task.

Secure Access for Lifecycle Management

Enjoy easy access to a curated catalog of CIQ-supported releases and streamline your HPC environment's lifecycle management. Your focus can shift from upkeep to innovation.

Hardware Agnostic & Expert Guidance

Your existing hardware isn't a limitation—it's an asset. Utilize any equipment, free from vendor lock-in. We’ll guide you through designing a system that supports your most ambitious R&D goals.

Transparent, Empowering Partnerships

We’re committed to transparency and empowering your team. Our consultative, no "black box" approach means you're always in the loop, with the option for in-depth training to equip your IT team for self-sufficiency.

Disrupting Enterprise Computing

Fuzzball unifies the capabilities from HPC with Cloud and Enterprise Infrastructure paradigms to provide a unified computing solution for all Performance-Intensive Computing (PIC) use cases. Bringing the power of HPC into the age of AI.

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