Enterprise Linux Base

Unleash Performance and Security with CIQ Optimized Rocky Linux

CIQ Optimized Rocky Linux delivers a production-grade, enterprise-ready linux distribution designed for superior performance, maximum security, and streamlined management across diverse infrastructures.

Stable, Secure, and Scalable Linux Solution

Experience the power of enterprise-grade linux, tailored for enterprise needs. This platform provides robust security, exceptional stability, and extensive support, ensuring seamless operation of your critical business infrastructure.


Built on the reliable community ensuring consistent and dependable business operations.


Comprehensive security hardening and regular updates to safeguard your data and infrastructure.


Easily scales to meet the needs of your expanding enterprise without compromise.

Reliable Support for Essential OS Maintenance

Get the support you need with expert assistance and timely updates so you can focus on your core business.

Fortify Your Software Supply Chain

CIQ secures delivery and management of artifacts. You can find repositories and tools for easy access to long-term support, security optimizations, and more.

Simplify and Optimize IT Operations

Automate and streamline your IT processes with Ascender. This advanced tool enhances efficiency, enabling your IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and driving business growth.

Transform your IT Operations

Streamline your IT operations and boost efficiency. With tools like Ascender and Ledger, automate complex workflows, integrate existing Ansible playbooks, and transform routine tasks into strategic assets. Whether it's compliance, configuration, or complex process orchestration, our tools scale to meet any challenge, ensuring your systems are efficiently managed and fully compliant

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