Business Continuity

More uptime. Less stress

Need robust business continuity and disaster recovery? CIQ offers trust and transparency with Rocky Linux.

Join the community-owned, industry-backed approach

CIQ offers you the best of both worlds, the absolute stability of a massive community led project, with the benefits of commercial industry-backed support and solutions. This provides an unmatched value across the ecosystem.


CIQ brings deep expertise to BCP/DR

Hear from our panel of CIQ and external experts in High Performance Computing as they share their experiences navigating HPC disasters and building back stronger than before.

Reduce outages and downtime with Full Lifecycle Support

We specialize in helping you design and deploy clusters tailored to your needs, making them easier to manage and maintain throughout their lifecycle.

Add resilience with the public cloud

Protect yourself from natural disasters and localized network outages by expanding to the public cloud. Rocky Linux and our other open source tools go everywhere, including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud.

Migrate with confidence

Need to replace CentOS? Rocky Linux provides “bug-for-bug” compatibility with enterprise Linux that allows you to use the same tools and processes you are familiar with.

Maximize resilience for less

Why pay for solutions you don’t need? At CIQ, we offer tailored solutions that scale with your company’s growth so you always receive outstanding value. Get the same BCP/DR capacity for less so you can focus resources on adding value to the business.

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