High Performance Computing

Supercharge Your Research with Cutting-Edge High Performance Computing Solutions

As a researcher, data scientist, or machine learning practitioner, you know that performance is everything. High performance computing (HPC) is the key to unlocking the full potential of your work, enabling you to perform complex calculations at lightning-fast speeds.

At CIQ, we're passionate about helping scientists and researchers like you achieve your goals. Our HPC solutions offer an integrated stack that is highly scalable, flexible, and easy to deploy, providing a solid foundation for your computational workloads. Our solutions include Rocky LinuxWarewulf, and Apptainer, which together form the market-leading traditional HPC approach for building, managing, and running clusters.

Fuzzball: The Cloud-Native, Meta-Orchestration HPC 2.0 Platform Designed to Supercharge Your Research and Modeling Workload

But that's just the beginning. We're thrilled to introduce our next-generation HPC 2.0 platform, Fuzzball. Fuzzball is a cloud-native, meta-orchestration platform that seamlessly blends HPC applications with emerging workloads like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Fuzzball offers an unparalleled set of features and capabilities that are designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding research and modeling workloads. With Fuzzball, you can take advantage of optimized HPC workloads, AI/ML, ML-ops, and data-driven analytics. Its performance is optimized for micro-architecture, enabling parallelization and scaling for even the most demanding applications. It offers advanced data management, composable workflows, and advanced scheduling and orchestration, all driven by an intelligent AI-enabled policy engine.

HPC 2.0: Understanding the Driving Forces Behind Fuzzball's Next-Generation Platform

Fuzzball is not just another HPC solution - it's a next-generation platform designed specifically to meet the unique needs of today's researchers and machine learning practitioners. The driving forces behind HPC 2.0 are what make Fuzzball so essential to your work.

Container Ubiquity:

Containers have opened the door to the benefits of HPC modernization and cross-pollination with enterprise, cloud, and hyperscale capabilities. Fuzzball fully leverages the power of containers to enable the deployment of your applications in any environment.

Job Diversity:

We are seeing a much greater breadth of applications, requirements, and dependencies. Fuzzball is designed to support a wide range of workloads, from traditional HPC applications to emerging AI/ML workloads.

Usage Models:

Given the general attitude that "SSH is for system administrators, not users," many want to get users off of the systems and instead work through controlled and monitored APIs and IAM policies. Fuzzball is designed with a user-centric approach to make it easy for researchers to access and interact with their HPC workloads.


There has been a consistent and increasing push for cloud/multi-cloud and distributed computing. Fuzzball is a cloud-native platform that fully embraces the power and flexibility of cloud computing.

Supply Chain Security:

Because there are more attacks on the supply chain, exploits, security, confidence, and integrity are of the utmost importance to researchers. Fuzzball offers distributed and managed credentials, users, and access through IAM policies, providing a high level of security and compliance.


Consumers of HPC (including non-traditional HPC users) are becoming more interested in the ease of configuration, price performance, and practical utility of HPC rather than software engineering. Fuzzball's intuitive interface and user-centric design make it easy for researchers of all skill levels to leverage the power of HPC.

Enterprise Computing:

Organizations that have never considered HPC before are now becoming consumers of HPC and HPC-like capabilities but aren’t interested in building a "legacy" Beowulf architecture. Fuzzball is designed to meet the needs of modern enterprise computing workloads, including AI/ML and data-driven analytics.

At CIQ, we understand the unique challenges that researchers and machine learning practitioners face in today's rapidly evolving computing landscape. That's why we're committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with HPC 2.0 and Fuzzball. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can take your research to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and innovation.

Don't let performance limitations hold you back. Supercharge your research and modeling workloads with CIQ's HPC solutions and Fuzzball.