Warewulf Community

Open Source Systems Management for High-Performance Linux Clusters at Any Scale.

Warewulf, Cluster Provisioning at Any Scale

Warewulf has powered HPC systems around the world for over two decades. Founded by CIQ CEO Greg Kurtzer, Warewulf is a stateless and diskless container operating system provisioning system that facilitates the process of building and administering high-performance Linux clusters. It is fully customizable and can be adapted to just about any type of cluster. From the software administration perspective, it does not make much difference if you are running two nodes or 2,000 nodes. Warewulf is backed by HPCng, with support from OpenHPC and contributors around the world.


HPCng, which oversees the Warewulf project, is an open community of people and organizations interested in the broad modernization of HPC capabilities across a wide range of use cases ranging from traditional HPC to enterprise and hyper-scale workloads.

Being open source for over two decades and pioneering the concept of stateless node management, Warewulf is among the most successful HPC cluster platforms in the industry with support from OpenHPC, contributors around the world, and usage from every industry.

CIQ, Open Source to the Core

At CIQ, the Open Source Ethos informs all that we do. That’s why we encourage our customers to engage with the Community directly to learn first-hand about the many advantages of Rocky Linux. Our goal is to add value on top of Rocky Linux and other key open source technologies in the form of escalation support, customization, optimization, integration, and professional services.

Connect With Us

If you need fast, in-depth Warewulf support, with a defined SLA and dedicated point of contact, CIQ is here to help. Not only did our CEO, Gregory Kurtzer, create Warewulf, but also we employ the industry’s leading experts and Warewulf developers who can help you tackle the most challenging technical challenges. We can help you with a wide range of services including system architecture, performance benchmarking, infrastructure optimization, and de-risking. We submit bug fixes and updates to the Community so that everyone benefits.