Industry Involvement

Industry Involvement 

As a highly stable, secure, and reliable operating system, Rocky Linux has attracted the attention of companies across a wide range of industries, including defense, biosciences, CAE, University/Academic, government labs, and telecom. Having recognized the value of using an open source operating system, these industries are incorporating Rocky Linux into their technology stacks. This provides opportunities for the development of new features and capabilities in the operating system and helps to ensure that it remains relevant and in demand in a rapidly changing technology landscape. 

A key feature of Rocky Linux's design is seamlessly supporting the cloud and working with cloud providers. With its focus on reliability and performance, Rocky Linux is an ideal choice for cloud providers looking for an operating system that can handle high workloads and provide a stable environment for their customers. Cloud vendors that have embraced Rocky Linux include  Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud. Cloud providers and businesses alike can use Rocky Linux to scale their workloads up or down, depending on demand. 

An industry that has benefited from Rocky Linux is the software development industry. Many software development companies rely on Linux-based operating systems for their development environments. Rocky Linux provides a reliable and consistent platform for developers to build and test their software applications.

The financial services industry is another area that has seen significant benefits from Rocky Linux. Financial institutions require high levels of security and stability, and Rocky Linux provides a secure platform that can be used for critical financial applications. Additionally, Rocky Linux's compatibility with various hardware and software vendors makes it a practical choice for financial institutions looking to adopt new technologies while maintaining a stable and secure operating system.

These partnerships have helped to increase the visibility of Rocky Linux in new industries, further expanding its reach and impact. The industry involvement in Rocky Linux is a testament to its success as a community-driven project and its growing importance in the technology industry.

Rocky Linux’s Community Involvement

The introduction of Rocky Linux has filled the significant gap left by CentOS, which had been a mainstay in the Linux community for over a decade. With the creation and release of Rocky Linux, the community is reinvigorated with a dependable option for running their systems. As Rocky Linux continues to improve, its community continues to grow, fostering a dynamic network of developers dedicated to refining the operating system. 

This involvement has also led to faster development cycles, with new updates being released regularly. The founding principles of CentOS are still alive in Rocky Linux, guided by the principles of openness, transparency, and collaboration. This ensures that users can expect the same values and benefits they came to expect from CentOS. 

CIQ & Rocky Linux: A Synergistic Relationship

CIQ delivers essential support services to both its community and enterprises aiming to capitalize on the Rocky Linux platform. With processes optimized through CIQ’s platform expertise, users can effortlessly adopt open-source solutions and enjoy the advantages of increased reliability and security. CIQ not only offers expert Rocky Linux support but also equips users with the flexibility to scale their operations to enterprise levels, without concern for the infrastructure to back it up. 

CIQ is supporting the Rocky Linux community in tandem with the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF), an organizational body built to nurture open-source projects like Rocky Linux, ensuring a balanced distribution of community control while enabling enterprise use-cases, vendors, and commercial entities. CIQ's founder and CEO, Gregory Kurtzer, also serves on RESF's board of directors, reflecting CIQ's dedication to promoting quality and stability throughout the Rocky Linux community.

Rocky Linux Sponsors

Rocky Linux is supported by renowned organizations and businesses that have helped grow and sustain the operating system’s success in the tech industry. 

Some of Rocky Linux’s sponsors include Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Azure, VMware,, 45Drives, MontaVista, Rakuten Symphony, Open Drives, to name a few. 

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Rocky Linux Partners

One of the key features of Rocky Linux is its support for the cloud. The operating system has been designed to work seamlessly with a variety of cloud providers. 

CIQ is actively collaborating with industry-leading cloud providers to offer supported versions of Rocky Linux running on, and optimized for:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud