Fuzzball Automatically Finds the Best-Fit Compute Resources for Your Enterprise Workloads

HPC 2.0: Cloud-Native Federated AI/ML and Big Data Analytics

Fuzzball helps you understand and control the cost of computing while optimizing local resource use. With Fuzzball, you're just a key press away from tapping into the cloud.


Workflows are the new normal. They allow you to knit together multi-step computing processes consisting of multiple individual tasks (or jobs). With Fuzzball, each task in the workflow can describe its specific inputs and outputs, as well as any needed computing resources. Workloads can then be executed in serial and/or parallel fashion. And even better, workflow execution can be triggered via a single click using Fuzzball’s simple web interface.

Automated Data Movement 

Fuzzball takes care of moving data from the defined source to the best-fit compute resource where the data will be processed. Fuzzball policies take into consideration data gravity, your budget, and deadlines. When complete, Fuzzball automatically returns results back to the desired destination. With this new level of automation, users don’t need to move data back and forth manually.

AI/ML Made More Accessible

Fuzzball makes it simple to execute emerging workloads like artificial intelligence, machine learning (AI/ML), and big data analytics. Using easy-to-define policies, users instruct Fuzzball to find the best-fit resources for each workload in their workflow. The user doesn’t have to worry about managing job submissions to individual compute resources. Instead, Fuzzball executes the entire workflow for them with the simple click of a mouse.



Efficient Resource Utilization

Intelligent workload placement is at the core of Fuzzball. Fuzzball execution policies let you efficiently distribute workloads in a defined environment. This helps you manage your budget, increase efficiency, and achieve higher levels of resource utilization. 

Software Supply Chain Security

Designed from the ground up with security in mind, Fuzzball changes how IT administrators and users interact with their resources.

A Fuzzball workflow execution environment is based on standard container formats such as the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and the Apptainer image format (SIF). Each container in a workflow can leverage cryptographic signatures to identify itself as trusted, while encryption protects its contents both at rest and during execution. By incorporating cryptographic signatures and encryption, Fuzzball provides the final steps in your software supply chain security strategy.

Fuzzball's container runtime, Fuzzball Substrate, enforces SELinux policies and POSIX attributes, ensuring a secure environment as workflows progress. The platform is accessed by standard OIDC authentication and leverages relationship-based authorization controls to provide an understandable but powerful mechanism for securing workflows and the resources being managed.


Fuzzball mitigates the complexities of modern on-premises, cloud, and hybrid computing environments. It helps you increase utilization and unlock value from local compute resources while enabling you to place key work in the public cloud. Fuzzball provides an easy-to-use infrastructure to take advantage of a range of workload solutions, without users needing to understand the underlying technologies, while keeping you on time and budget.

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