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Linux can do everything;
Mountain delivers it.

Mountain makes solution delivery easier, stable, and secure.

The secure delivery platform for Enterprise Linux enhancements and applications provided by CIQ and its partners.

Customized and Optimized Solutions

Mountain provides repositories and client tools to enable turnkey capabilities like long-term support (LTS), security optimizations and more!

Fully Supported

All Mountain-enhanced capabilities are fully supported by CIQ. From the HPC stack to the upstream mainline kernels, CIQ supports Linux’s flexibility.

Secure Access

Mountain provides secure access and single sign-on (coming 2024), user key management, easy-to-use multi-format subscriptions, and secure image downloads from subscribed repositories. 

Artifact Types

Mountain provides a variety of operating system artifacts in the form of package repositories, containers (OCI and SIF), cloud and VM images, and validated installation media.

Mountain Products & Subscriptions

Welcome to Mountain

Download the Mountain Guide

Want more information about CIQ Mountain? Download our product guide and see how CIQ Mountain can solve your organization's needs.

Tame Systems Management with Mountain

Built on the strength of Enterprise Linux, Mountain delivers streamlined, effective solutions.

Simplify Complex Infrastructure Management

Mountain prioritizes security and user management when configuring your organization's infrastructure. With secure access and single sign-on, Mountain ensures a protected environment.

Mountain generates new accounts based on subscriptions, only sharing credentials with authorized users.

Compatibility and Dependability for Your Infrastructure

Ensure your organization's infrastructure remains up to date and safeguarded by using secure downloads from subscribed repositories.

By providing a trusted source for updates, patches, and new software installations, Mountain helps guarantee the authenticity and compatibility of the repository and packages you deploy.

Enhance Data Protection Across Your Infrastructure

Mountain's comprehensive key management system ensures that sensitive data remains protected, while offering straightforward access key administration.

Key management is seamlessly integrated into Mountain's suite of features, providing an essential layer of security for your infrastructure.

Confidence in Your Infrastructure's Future

Mountain provides easy access to CIQ-supported versions of Rocky Linux, including Long-Term Support (LTS) which provide customers extended stabilitycritical security updates, and priority bug fixes for specific versions of Rocky Linux for up to 24 months after release.

If you need to stay on your version of Rocky Linux beyond its initial six-month release window, Mountain is your solution.

Coming Soon:

Mountain Edge

  • Customer-controlled
  • Onprem & cloud
  • Local mirror/sync from Mountain Hub
  • Customer-specific private artifacts
  • Integrates and provides CI/CD
  • Supply chain integration
  • Supports air-gapped and disconnected networks (high/low side)

And much more!

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