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Simplify infrastructure management and enhance the security of your software supply chain with Mountain.

Hybrid Data Center Management & Security Platform

CIQ Mountain reduces complexity, enhances agility, and optimizes ROI for
Enterprise Linux, applications, solutions, and support at scale.

Globally Accessible

CIQ Mountain offers a complete catalog of standard, fully supported operating system images, containers (SIF and OCI), and curated packages.

Privately Distributed

CIQ Mountain supports private mirror configurations. You can quickly establish a private customer mirror within your own data centers.

Supported Everywhere

AWS, GCP, OCI, Azure, on-premise with every OEM, even the edge. Anywhere you want to operate, we will stand with you.

Security and Compliance

Secure software supply chain from the build process to the server. Knowledge of CVEs on every server. Access to FIPS and hardened, long-term supported images.

Introducing CIQ Mountain

A Mountain of Solutions

Embrace a “mountain of solutions” with CIQ Mountain, your key to wrangling control of complex computing infrastructure; extend Rocky Linux to reduce complexity, enhance agility, and optimize ROI for all software infrastructure.

CIQ Mountain provides you with secure access and single sign-on, user key management, local mirroring availability, long-term support, flexible subscriptions, and secure image downloads from subscribed repositories. 

Let CIQ Mountain’s unified, user-friendly platform streamline your infrastructure configuration and management so you can spend more time creating impactful work, and more time enjoying your life.

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Tame Systems Management with CIQ Mountain’s Powerful Feature Set

Streamline Workflows. Ignite Innovation. Undo Headaches.

Unified Security and Access Control

Simplify Complex Infrastructure Management

CIQ Mountain prioritizes security and user management when configuring your organization's infrastructure. With secure access, single sign-on, and tailored features like Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE), reporting, and authentication by subscription, our platform ensures a protected environment.

CIQ Mountain generates new accounts based on subscriptions, only sharing credentials with authorized users.

Seamless User Key Management

Enhance Data Protection Across Your Infrastructure

Our comprehensive key management system ensures that sensitive data remains protected, while offering straightforward encryption key administration.

Key management is seamlessly integrated into Mountain's suite of features, providing an essential layer of security for your infrastructure and ensuring peace of mind for you and your team.

Secure Images from Subscribed Repositories

Compatibility and Dependability for Your Infrastructure

Ensure your organization's infrastructure remains up to date and safeguarded by using secure image downloads from subscribed repositories.

By providing a trusted source for updates, patches, and new software installations, CIQ Mountain helps guarantee the authenticity and compatibility of the repo and package images you deploy.

Robust Local Mirror Availability

Uninterrupted Access and Reliability

CIQ Mountain provides continuous access to crucial data and resources through local mirror availability. This versatile local mirror capability ensures redundancy and improved reliability for your infrastructure.

Mirroring availability:

  • DNF
  • YUM
  • RPM

Long-Term Support

Confidence in Your Infrastructure's Future

Mountain provides easy access to CIQ-supported versions of Rocky Linux, including Long-Term Support (LTS) which provide customers extended stability, critical security updates, and priority bug fixes for specific versions of Rocky Linux for up to 24 months after release.

If you need to stay on your version of Rocky Linux beyond its initial six-month release window, CIQ Mountain is your solution. 

Flexible Subscriptions

Optimize for Your Infrastructure’s Specific Needs

The CIQ Mountain subscription offers long-term supported (LTS) images of Rocky Linux, which solves the problem of moving applications to various minor or major versions of Enterprise Linux, which is a common issue for Linux administrators, architects, and developers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the details about LTS and individual subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get to Know CIQ Mountain

Why should I use Mountain?

CIQ Mountain is a platform designed to optimize the process of securely deploying operating systems, applications, containers, and complete turnkey solutions. The platform reduces complexity while enhancing agility, security, scale, supply chain confidence, and supportability of the underlying software infrastructure.

What makes Mountain different from other infrastructure management platforms?

Mountain is a cloud-native, secure, authoritative, and highly scalable platform for operating system images, packages, and container delivery, available for both cloud and on-premises, with native support for private mirrors. Mountain has been thoughtfully engineered based on considerable input from customers to optimize the full lifecycle of complex systems management at scale.

How does Mountain enable security and compliance?

CIQ Mountain completely secures the software supply chain from the build of each package all the way to the running system. This includes indexing and checking of CVEs on every server as well as access to FIPS and hardened, long-term supported images. CIQ Mountain also provides a source for curated and validated packages and updated streams, guaranteed by SLAs and support.

What does Mountain do to reduce complexity?

CIQ Mountain provides an optimized method for complete deployments of optimized and secured solutions, from operating system and patch management to container and cloud images. The range of solutions and assets include LTS, FIPS, and upstream optimized kernels as well as entire turnkey solutions.

How does Mountain optimize ROI?

By providing full, secured, and supported solutions, CIQ Mountain lowers the barrier of entry for deployment of necessary operating system artifacts and enhanced capabilities. This also lowers the amount of effort required to deploy optimizations allowing your team to focus on what you do best.

How does Mountain enhance agility?

CIQ Mountain enables you to focus on your core business or mission, so you can more rapidly introduce new products and services and quickly respond to ever-changing market demands.

What are the Mountain assets?

CIQ Mountain makes available solutions and artifacts as subscriptions to hosts. CIQ provides a number of assets and turnkey solutions through Mountain. CIQ will continue to develop, package, and support these assets with an ever-increasing list of capabilities. Some of these capabilities include:

  • LTS: Long-term Supported Rocky Linux versions (e.g., 8.6, 9.2, etc.). LTS provides support of prior releases for 24 months (18 months past the development cycle)
  • Upstream stable kernels: Mountain tracks and releases the proper stable kernels from, maintaining compatibility with Rocky Linux while adding additional functionality, features, performance, security, and support
  • And more to come!

Why should I use CIQ Mountain?

CIQ Mountain is designed to address the challenges faced by users operating highly complex software stacks, such as security, compliance, trust, reproducibility, return on investment (ROI), and full lifecycle management.

The platform offers a secure managed provisioning solution to reduce complexity, enhance agility, and reduce ROI for systems infrastructure at scale. By acting as a single, secure platform for all your organization's supported operating system and software needs, CIQ Mountain ensures long-term adaptability for your infrastructure.

How is CIQ Mountain different from other infrastructure management platforms?

CIQ Mountain sets itself apart from other infrastructure management platforms by offering a comprehensive solution to complex infrastructure challenges such as security, compliance, trust, reproducibility, and full lifecycle management.

Our platform simplifies processes, bolsters security, and reduces ROI for systems infrastructure at scale, empowering organizations to manage their infrastructure across diverse operating systems. Simply put, CIQ Mountain is one of the most comprehensive approaches to infrastructure management available today.

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