Rocky Linux Now Available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a new deployment option for Rocky users.


Rocky Linux is now available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace and can be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a host operating system. Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a centralized repository of enterprise applications offered by Oracle and Oracle partners. Rocky Linux is an enterprise Linux distribution that maintains bug-for-bug compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users now have a simple and trusted path to deploy Rocky Linux. You can find Rocky Linux on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Additionally, CIQ, the company building the next generation of software infrastructure for enterprises running workloads atop the Rocky Linux enterprise Linux distribution, is now a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

“Rocky Linux has seen rapid adoption by enterprise customers worldwide who look for long term viability in community supported, enterprise-class operating systems,” said Arthur Tyde III, vice president of global business development at CIQ. “Both Oracle and CIQ have customers that care deeply about factors like performance, stability, security, compliance and auditability. They seek dependability and expertise in an enterprise-savvy Linux support partner. They also want a team that understands their pain points to ensure long term success. Partnering with Oracle and joining OPN is one additional step we can take to demonstrate our commitment to the enterprise.”

“The availability of Rocky Linux on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace adds another cloud infrastructure deployment option to the growing roster of choices for Rocky users,” said Gregory Kurtzer, founder of Rocky Linux and CEO of CIQ, the founding sponsor and partner to the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation and support provider for Rocky Linux. “Now, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users have an option for deploying Rocky Linux as the host operating system for third-party applications. Rocky Linux helps them address compliance issues like patches and security updates because of Rocky’s bug-for-bug compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Rocky on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers consistent and optimized open-source performance across VM's, containers and bare metal, with a strong open-source community and CIQ ready to provide support and service.”

*About Oracle Cloud Marketplace*
Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business applications offering unique business solutions, including ones that extend Oracle Cloud Applications. Oracle Cloud is an enterprise cloud that delivers massive, consistent performance and next generation security across a comprehensive portfolio of services including SaaS, application development, application hosting, and business analytics. Customers get access to leading compute, storage, data management, security, integration, HPC, artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain services to augment and modernize their critical workloads. Oracle Cloud runs Oracle Autonomous Database, the industry's first and only self-driving database.

*About Rocky Linux*
Rocky Linux is an open-source enterprise operating system designed to be 100% bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®. It was created by one of the original CentOS founders, Gregory Kurtzer, to achieve the original goals of CentOS as a production-ready downstream version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is hosted by the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF). Rocky Linux uses only open-source tools to deliver a completely reproducible operating system assuring there is no repeat of the CentOS end-of-life issues.

*About Oracle PartnerNetwork*
Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) is Oracle’s partner program designed to enable partners to accelerate the transition to cloud and drive superior customer business outcomes. The OPN program allows partners to engage with Oracle through track(s) aligned to how they go to market: Cloud Build for partners that provide products or services built on or integrated with Oracle Cloud; Cloud Sell for partners that resell Oracle Cloud technology; Cloud Service for partners that implement, deploy and manage Oracle Cloud Services; and License & Hardware for partners that build, service or sell Oracle software licenses or hardware products. Customers can expedite their business objectives with OPN partners who have achieved Expertise in a product family or cloud service. To learn more visit:

*About CIQ*
CIQ powers the next generation of software infrastructure, leveraging capabilities from enterprise, cloud, hyperscale and HPC. From the base operating system, through containers, orchestration, provisioning, computing, and up to cloud applications, CIQ works with every part of the technology stack to drive solutions for customers and communities with stable, scalable, secure production environments. CIQ is the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux, and the creator of the next generation federated computing stack. For more information, please visit

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**The RESF does not spend donations or sponsorship funds on marketing, so this news release is sponsored by CIQ. CIQ is the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux and drives software infrastructure optimizations for enterprise, cloud, hyperscale and HPC.