CIQ Adds Two New Hires With Open Source Expertise

Zane Hamilton and Justin Burdine depart Red Hat to take sales and solution engineering leadership roles.


CIQ, the company building the next generation of software infrastructure for enterprises running data-intensive workloads atop the Rocky Linux enterprise Linux distribution, is welcoming two new key members to the CIQ team.

Zane Hamilton joins CIQ as vice president, sales engineering. Hamilton was previously with Red Hat as a cloud sales specialist and Verizon as director of cloud strategy and integration. He brings strong customer insights from diverse roles spanning developer, middleware and server administrator functions. Additionally, he brings project management expertise in leading a large global consulting business.

Hamilton said, “I am passionate about open source solutions and how they can solve big problems while allowing anyone to contribute to the goal. CIQ approaches everything with the attitude of, ‘How do we make this better?’ From the customer experience to the services we offer, and even the approach to building a sales team, it’s a collaborative environment where we’re shifting the idea of a standard sales organization. I look forward to working with customers in HPC and the enterprise as we watch these two vastly different yet seemingly similar worlds come together.”

Justin Burdine has also joined CIQ, as director of solution engineering. Burdine was previously senior manager, specialist solution architects for Red Hat, managing technical sales and a team of product specialists. He comes to the role with experience from the customer perspective, having worked in systems architecture for several organizations, including within the professional services group at Verizon where he was managing principal.

“As a buyer and user of technology for many years, I wanted vendors with the technical knowledge to understand the nuts and bolts of my problem. I’m excited to work with CIQ because the team shares this vision of sales through problem solving. At CIQ we focus on understanding and meeting the customer’s needs first and foremost.”

CIQ provides support, services and tools to three open source projects and the communities contributing to them: Rocky Linux, Warewulf and Apptainer. Rocky Linux is an open source enterprise operating system designed to be a production-ready downstream version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, created by CIQ CEO, Gregory Kurtzer. Warewulf is an open source cluster provisioning solution, and Apptainer is a secure, performant open source application container system tailored for HPC.

CIQ presently has a number of open positions. Interested professionals can learn more at

About CIQ
CIQ powers the next generation of software infrastructure, leveraging capabilities from enterprise, cloud, hyperscale and HPC. From the base operating system, through containers, orchestration, provisioning, computing and up to cloud applications, CIQ works with every part of the technology stack to drive solutions for customers and communities with stable, scalable, secure production environments. CIQ is the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux, and the creator of the next generation federated computing stack. For more information, please visit