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Optimize your enterprise workloads on AWS with CIQ’s Enterprise Linux solutions. CIQ and AWS are working together to ensure customers can scale their infrastructure, manage automation, and organize their workloads across their Linux environment. 


CIQ LTS - The premier long-term support solution for Rocky Linux

As the founding support and services partner for Rocky Linux, CIQ delivers a seamless experience with tailored AWS images designed for enterprise demands. Our LTS ensures extended life for discontinued major and minor operating system versions, maintaining point release operating system life for at least 2 years. Experience the simplicity of CIQ LTS with our point-and-click AWS rollout, allowing you to effortlessly leverage and advance your infrastructure. Benefit from instant and ongoing DNF/RPM updates, emphasizing the importance of security with updates for CVSS scores of 7 and above. Reach out for a Private Offer to benefit from CIQ's 24/7 Premium Support.

With CIQ LTS, you can extend the life of your Rocky Linux point releases by at least 2 years, ensuring seamless operation, security, and peace of mind. Enjoy instant DNF/RPM updates and weekly refreshed AWS AMI images for all even Enterprise Linux versions greater than zero. CIQ LTS addresses vulnerabilities with updates for CVSS scores of 7 and above. Experience reliability and longevity with CIQ LTS today.

Enterprise support

Your premier partner for enterprise support on AWS. Our comprehensive services include migration, installation, configuration, training, maintenance, custom development, and more, ensuring seamless operations for your business.

With expertise in AWS environments and a commitment to reliability, we endorse Rocky Linux as the trusted successor to CentOS, providing continuity and stability for your workloads. Partner with CIQ to optimize your AWS ecosystem, achieve peak performance, and drive sustained success for your enterprise

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