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April 9 - 11, 2024 / Mandalay Bay / Las Vegas, Nevada

CIQ is the exclusive Provider of Enterprise Rocky Linux on Google Cloud

Google Cloud has teamed up with CIQ to make available Rocky Linux Optimized for Google Cloud, purpose-built to run enterprise workloads. These new images contain customized variants of the Rocky Linux kernel and modules that optimize networking performance on compute engine infrastructure, while retaining bug-for-bug compatibility with Rocky Linux and the Enterprise Standard.

“We’re partnering with CIQ so we can provide customers a new & improved experience for Rocky Linux on Google Cloud.” - Venkat Gattemneni, Senior Product Manager, Google Cloud Infrastructure

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Gregory M. Kurtzer

Gregory M. Kurtzer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Robert Adolph

Robert Adolph

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Zane Hamilton

Zane Hamilton

Senior Vice President of Sales Engineering

Colin VanderSmith

Colin VanderSmith

Vice President of Product Management and Technology

Barry Russell

Barry Russell

Vice President of GTM & Revenue Operations

Get out of the red with CIQ Enterprise Linux Platform

Our solution caters to any workload with flat, predictable costs, ensuring your budgeting is straightforward. Benefit from workload performance tuning for optimal efficiency, backed by our 24/7 enterprise support, ensuring your operations remain smooth around the clock. Leverage cloud marketplace benefits for easy management and enjoy the simplicity of our infrastructure automation suite to streamline your workflows.

Comparative bar graph showing CIQ's cost savings over a competitor, detailing 45% average savings broken down by 20% support, 15% automation, and 10% workload optimization.

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