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The telecommunications industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. The high-performance requirements demanded by the radio processing workloads of next-generation 5G networks and virtualized radio access networks (vRAN) cannot be met by generic operating system solutions. Telecom operators need a flexible, secure, customizable solution to meet their unique network requirements. 

Rocky Linux is an open-source operating system that enables telecom companies to handle latency-sensitive and performance-oriented workloads utilizing a real-time kernel with an economic model that works at scale.

Meet the demands of modern connectivity with an edge-to-core-to-cloud solution, gaining the ability to:

  • Host 5G and Open RAN (Open Radio Access Network) deployment applications 
  • Modernize infrastructure by moving from proprietary and legacy hardware-based architecture to a software-based, open source, cloud-native platform
  • Meet the needs for high-speed data transmission, high-capacity data storage, high-bandwidth video streaming, and real-time communication
  • Drive down operational costs for Open RAN and Distributed Unit (DU) deployment with no licensing fees ever
  • Access deep-domain expertise and save money with CIQ’s flexible support and maintenance services

“The size of such networks makes current enterprise licensing models prohibitively expensive, especially for network service delivery at distributed edge. This led Rakuten Symphony to join the rapidly growing Rocky Linux open source community and partner with CIQ, to offer support for Rocky as part of its highly optimized telecom edge cloud offering.”

— Partha Seetala, President, Cloud Business Unit, Rakuten Symphony

Learn about how Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten Symphony have partnered with CIQ to ensure that Rocky Linux is the best solution for the highly demanding telecom industry. 

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“We’ve successfully validated Rocky Linux with our radio software in the Rakuten Mobile network in Japan. The open source performance is clearly at parity with commercial alternatives available in the market today.”

— Ryota Mibu, Cloud Platform Division Manager, Rakuten Mobile

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