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The first phase of CIQ’s multi-tiered certification program for applications running on Rocky Linux is available now at no charge. With a little over a year from the end-of-life of CentOS, organizations are increasingly shifting their applications to Rocky Linux, and they need to be able to provide credentialed assurances that their applications satisfy compliance and security requirements on the Rocky Linux operating system. CIQ has stepped up to meet the needs of Rocky Linux vendors and users with this certification program.

The first certification tier, Attestation, makes it very simple for independent software developers and vendors to test and align functionality of their products on Rocky Linux to ensure their customers have the best experience and can move forward with confidence in their deployments.

We are currently developing additional levels of certification, including an autocert program with self-service test suite. In later phases, we also plan to include a lab-based certification for hardware certifications, a full-stack certification, and a certification offering for mission-critical solution validation. 

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