The new Dell XPS 15 works with Rocky Linux right out of the box! Secure boot did exactly what it was designed to do! Secure boot allows only software or firmware signed with approved keys to execute during the boot process stopping viruses and gives validity on the OS you’re running.


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Gregory Kurtzer:

The new Dell XPS 15 with an OLED display is really awesome. It almost completely works with Rocky right out of the box. The only issue was with audio. I patched and rebuilt the kernel and tried to boot. Secure boot is designed to stop viruses and people injecting things into the boot loader. Secure boot blocked me and I had to go into the BIOS to disable secure boot to run my kernel and test my audio patch. It worked. Secure boot is very cool. It validates the operating system that you want to run by stopping viruses and “wannabe hackers,” like me, from playing either system.