Join the growing Rocky Linux community on Mattermost!

Webinar Synopsis:

  • Community Driven
  • Mattermost


  • Zane Hamilton, Vice President of Sales Engineering, CIQ
  • Forrest Burt, High Performance Computing Systems Engineer, CIQ

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Community Driven

Zane Hamilton:

The other thing that we've really looked at and focused on is making sure that Rocky is a very large community driven tool. It's not one of the others that's very small, that's controlled by a few people. This one is much larger. We have about 15,000 people as a part of the community. So it has grown very quickly. Its first release was in July. So between July and now we've got 15,000 people, probably about 10 million downloads in installs. So it's growing quite a lot.


Forrest Burt:
Yeah, and just to play off of that really quickly and plug our Mattermost channel. One of the central hubs of that Rocky Linux community is the Mattermost channel that we have. There's a lot of discussion both about Rocky Linux generally, the development of it, as well as a lot of different special interest groups that are using Rocky for a lot of different things. There's a lot of different info in there. If you're interested in joining the community, interacting with that, the Mattermost would be a great option.