Mountain Release Notes / Mountain v1.0.20

Mountain v1.0.20

Dec 19 2023


  • Remove the “User” column from the Access Keys page for members - #1583


  • Update CLI version to v1.1.5 - #1637
  • Adds a size field to the mtn describe which shows the size in bytes of each artifact - #1535 / #1637
  • Fixes invalid OCI URIs for images pushed by digest - #1561
  • Add the ability to set a --yes/-y or --no-postpackages/-N to the mtn dnf enable command to to install or skip post packages (if applied) without prompting - #1586
  • Add tapered output when using the mtn describe command for large artifact lists. This will create list output every 5 seconds to ensure the user is able to see progress when unable to complete the full amount in a timely fashion - #1630
  • Add a --filter option to the mtn describe command that allows querying against specific artifact parameters including name, description, version, and arch. An example of this would be mtn describe rocky-8 --filter 'name = "rocky-*"' - #1611