Rocky Linux 9.2

On May 16, 2023, Rocky Linux 9.2 launched. Please review the specific 9.2 release notes in the official Rocky Linux documentation for more information. These notes contain known bugs and more comprehensive details about changes in this version.

Major updates include:

  • centos-release-nfv now provides content built on RHEL 9 buildroots
  • Container Universal Base Image rockylinux/rockylinux:9-ubi more closely resembles RHEL UBI images:
    • Replaced packages: libcurl -> curl-minimal, libcurl-minimal
    • Added packages: gdb-gdbserver, gzip
    • Removed packages: binutils, brotli, dmidecode
    • network config cleanup added
  • Microsoft Azure images are now published in the Shared Galleries
  • LVM cloud image variants now remove /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices

Other updates, fixes, and changes can be found in the table below.

PowerPC (ppc64le) held backDue to a serious issue with python3.9, the ppc64le architecture is not included in the Rocky Linux 9.2 release
DNF metadata transactionsTo prevent failed transactions on a ppc64le Rocky 9 system, set the release ver. variable to 9.1
Upgrade from Rocky Linux 9.xUpgrade to Rocky Linux 9.2 using the command sudo dnf -y upgrade
Upgrading with LVM devicesChanges in lvm2 package may result in boot failure upon rebooting after upgrading
Cloud and container platform imagesImages available for various platforms including Oracle Cloud Platform (OCP), GenericCloud, Amazon AWS (EC2), Container RootFS/OCI, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
centos-release-nfv changesNow provides content built on RHEL 9 buildroots instead of CentOS Stream 9 for compatibility
LVM cloud image variantsAll types now remove /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices to resolve issues with PV/VG/LVs upon installation of the images
WaylandEnabled by default for Aspeed GPUs
Intel ARC GPUsNow supported
Flatpak bug fixedBug that breaks all fonts in Flatpaks (Cantarell) got fixed
WireguardNow works with SELinux
OpenSSLRebasing to version 3.0.7
SELinux user-space packagesUpdated to version 3.5
KeylimeRebasing to version 6.5.2
OpenSCAPRebasing to version 1.3.7
SCAP Security GuideRebasing to version 0.1.66 and adding a new rule for idle session termination
ClevisNow accepts external tokens
RsyslogTLS-encrypted logging now supports multiple CA files
fapolicyd frameworkProvides filtering of the RPM database
Application StreamsLater versions of nginx 1.22 and PostgreSQL 15 available
Python 3.11 and Tomcat 9Added
GitUpgraded to version 2.39.1 with commit signing with SSH keys supported
Git LFSUpgraded to version 3.2.0

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