Rocky Linux 9.0

On July 14, 2022, Rocky Linux 9.0 was released. Rocky Linux 9.0 will be supported until May 31st, 2032.

  • More user friendly: Do not disturb options and files can be dropped into folders
  • 9.0 uses OpenSSL version 3.0.1 which offers more security for users
  • OpenSSH has been updated to version 8.7p1
  • SELinux has faster run times
  • Many security compliance settings are automatically configured 
  • Network-scripts has been removed
  • Iptables-nft and ipset have been deprecated 
  • MultiPath TCP endpoints can be configured by using mptcpd or MultiPath TCP Daemon
  • The software can be run on a separate graphics card
Notable FeaturesDescription
RHEL Compatibility100% compatibility 
Architectures available forx86_64, AArch64
GNOME 40The ability to run different applications on different video cards
SecuritySHA-1, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, SELinux
New Build System Peridot 

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