Rocky Linux 8.8

On May 20, 2023, Rocky Linux 8.8 launched. Please review the specific 8.8 release notes in the official Rocky Linux documentation for more information. These notes contain known bugs and more comprehensive details about changes in this version.

Major updates include:

  • Container Universal Base Image rockylinux/rockylinux:8-ubi more closely resembles RHEL UBI images:
    • Replaced packages: libcurl -> curl-minimal, libcurl-minimal
    • Added packages: gdb-gdbserver, gzip
    • Removed packages: binutils, brotli, dmidecode
    • network config cleanup added
  • Microsoft Azure images are now published in the Shared Galleries
  • LVM cloud image variants now remove /etc/lvm/devices/system.devices to resolve issues with PV/VG/LVs upon installation of the images

Other updates, fixes, and changes can be found in the table below.

ImagesVarious images available for cloud and container platforms, including OCP, GenericCloud, Amazon AWS, Container RootFS/OCI, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more.
Vagrant and container imagesImages available for x86_64 and aarch64, including variants for systemd usage and bare-minimum applications.
Artifacts and SIG/Cloud WikiInformation on artifacts produced by the Cloud Special Interest Group and how to get involved.
Live imagesAvailable live images for x86_64, including Workstation, Workstation Lite, KDE, XFCE, and MATE.
InstallingInstructions for installing Rocky Linux 8.8 by downloading the appropriate version for your architecture.
Breaking ChangesHighlights of breaking changes, such as Microsoft Azure images published in the Shared Image Gallery and LVM cloud image variants removing specific device references.
Major ChangesA list of major changes in Rocky Linux 8.8, including improvements in the installer and image creation, security enhancements, updates to dynamic programming languages and tools, containers, and more.
SecuritySecurity-related highlights in the release, such as adjustments to FIPS mode settings, updated libreswan and openscap packages, and improvements in OpenSSL and SELinux.
Dynamic programming languages, web and database serversUpdates and additions to application streams, including newer versions of nginx, PostgreSQL, Jakarta XML Binding (jaxb), Swig, Python, and Tomcat.
Compilers and Development ToolsUpdates to compiler toolsets, performance tools and debuggers, and performance monitoring tools.
ContainersChanges related to containers, such as availability of podman Linux System Roles, clients for sigstore signatures, updates to container tools, and support for custom DNS server selection.
Graphics infrastructuresIntroduction of Intel ARC GPU support as a Technology Preview.
Known IssuesA list of known issues, categorized into various areas, including installer and image creation, software management, security, networking, and more.

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