Rocky Linux 8.5

On November 15, 2021, Rocky Linux 8.5 was released. Major updates include official Rocky Linux signed Secure Boot shim, support for x86_64 and AArch64 architectures, simplified network-based installations, and the availability of OpenJDK 17.

  • Includes the official Rocky Linux signed Security Boot Shim.
  • It is available for the x86_64 and AArch64 processor architectures.
  • Repository URL is no longer required when using Boot-only media and performing Network-based installations of Rocky (and other Enterprise) Linux
  • Open Java Development Kit 17 (OpenJDK 17) is now available.
RHEL Compatibility100% compatibility 
Architecture Availabilityx86_64 and aarch64 (ARM)
New Modules Ruby 3.0, nginx 1.20, Node.js 16
Updated Components PHP to version 7.4.19Squid to version 4.15Mutt to version 2.0.7
Compilers and Development tools GCC Toolset 11, Rust Toolset 1.54.0, Go Toolset 1.16.7, LLVM Toolset 12.0.1
Packages AddedPlus repository: thunderbird with PGP support and openldap-servers Rockypi repository: raspberrypi2 kernel added for raspberry specific aarch64 support 

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