Rocky Linux Benefits

Rocky Linux is built on a rock-solid foundation. Let’s start with some key benefits:

Proven Stability

Rocky Linux is an open-source operating system, which means its source code is available for anyone to view, modify, and improve upon. Bugs are identified and fixed quickly by a large community of Rocky developers.

Extreme Compatibility

From day one, Rocky Linux has been fully compatible with Enterprise Linux. This is often referred to as “bug-for-bug compatibility.” The bottom line is this: compatibility at the most granular level.

Broad Industry Involvement

Rocky Linux is sponsored by Google Cloud, Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, and VMware... just to name a few.

Enterprise-Level Linux Support

CIQ is the official founding support and services partner and sponsor of the Rocky Linux Project. CIQ offers support for Rocky Linux versions after they've been declared End-Of-Life (EOL).

CentOS Roots

The founder of Rocky Linux, Gregory Kurtzer (also a founder of CentOS), has made it clear that the goal of the community-driven project is to fulfill the original mission of CentOS: a free, supported Enterprise Linux distribution.

Free to Use, Forever

Rocky Linux is, of course, free to use. And there will never be licensing fees. It's hosted by the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation (RESF).


Recently, Rocky Linux achieved the latest milestone in the FIPS 140-3 validation process: being named to the NIST Implementation Under Test List. This extensive validation process is being underwritten by CIQ as a gift to the community.

100% Open Source

Rocky Linux is fully customizable. You have full access to Rocky's source code so you can view, modify, and improve upon it according to your unique needs.