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The Leading Open Source Container System for Secure High Performance Computing.

Apptainer, Singularly Performant Application Containers

Apptainer (formerly known as Singularity) is free, open source software that is the most widely used container system for high performance computing (HPC). It is designed to execute applications at bare-metal performance while being secure, portable, and 100% reproducible.

The software was originally developed starting in 2015 by Greg Kurtzer, CIQ’s CEO, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It rapidly gained support from compute-intensive research facilities, including Stanford University, Fermilab, the National Institutes of Health, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), San Diego Supercomputer Center, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In November 2021, the Singularity open source project joined the Linux Foundation and was renamed Apptainer.

The Linux Foundation

Apptainer is part of the Linux Foundation, which aims to democratize code and scale adoption by helping companies and developers identify and contribute to the projects that matter. Working together, the open source Community is addressing the challenges of industry and technology for the benefit of society.

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CIQ, Open Source to the Core

At CIQ, the Open Source Ethos informs all that we do. That’s why we encourage our customers to engage with the Community directly to learn first-hand about the many advantages of Rocky Linux. Our goal is to add value on top of Rocky Linux and other key open source technologies in the form of escalation support, customization, optimization, integration, and professional services.

Connect With Us

If you need fast, in-depth Apptainer support, with a defined SLA and dedicated point of contact, CIQ is here to help. Not only did our CEO, Gregory Kurtzer, create Apptainer (and its predecessor, Singularity), but also we employ the industry’s leading experts and Apptainer developers who can help you tackle the most challenging technical challenges. We can help you with a wide range of services including system architecture, containerizing applications, Apptainer deployment, and infrastructure optimization. We submit bug fixes and updates to the Community so that everyone benefits.