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Save 40% or more by switching to Rocky Linux with CIQ.

Escape the skyrocketing costs, complexity, and lock-in from legacy Enterprise Linux providers by switching to next generation Rocky Linux with CIQ.  Run your new and existing workloads on Rocky Linux with CIQ.

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Migrate without disruption.  As the successor to CentOS, Rocky Linux is 100% compatible with the full family of Enterprise Linux distributions running on-premise or in the cloud.  Workloads running on any Enterprise Linux (including both CentOS Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux™) can be migrated directly to the matching version of Rocky Linux without modification. This makes Rocky Linux a fully compatible and freely available drop-in replacement to costly licensed versions of open source software.

Maximize Price & Performance

The CIQ Enterprise Linux Platform enables customers to run on-premise or in the cloud, optimizing how customers manage the performance and cost they need for each workload. 

Stay Compliant 

CIQ already meets the highest security standards that Enterprises and U.S. Federal Government/Agency customers demand. We provide extended life to major/minor Enterprise Linux versions (Long Term Support – LTS), as well as security enhanced versions of Rocky Linux from CIQ. 

Rocky Community

Rocky Linux has emerged as the next generation of Enterprise Linux becoming the fastest growing Operating System in major Industries and Public Sector. Come join us and experience the difference.

“Somewhere along the way, legacy vendors forgot that they are here to help people with open source software and keep it open. The legacy support and rigid pricing models no longer serve the needs of customers and it is our  mission to change that. CIQ is centered around bringing amazing value to customers and proving to you that we can revolutionize your expectations and help bring you out of the Red.”

-Greg Kurtzer, CEO, CIQ Inc. and Founder of CentOS

Growing User Adoption

As the demand for stable, reliable, and secure enterprise-grade operating systems continues to rise, Rocky Linux has emerged as a top contender among community-driven Linux distros. Now the fastest-growing Enterprise Linux distribution, Rocky Linux is widely adopted in enterprise, cloud, hyperscale, and High Performance Computing (HPC) environments.

Who is CIQ?

Today, CIQ is known worldwide as the founding support and services partner of Rocky Linux and the creator of the next generation federated computing stack.  CIQ is the official founding support and services partner for both the Rocky Linux project and the RESF.  Our mission is to provide secure, reliable, and open infrastructure solutions that empower businesses and individuals to do the impossible.  The CIQ Enterprise Linux Platform represents the next generation of Linux solutions with automation, security, and compatibility to help you build, deploy, and manage your virtual fleets as you see fit. Run your workloads with CIQ across clouds and on-premise with scalable pricing, migration assistance, customization, and 24/7 hands-on support.

Get Out Of The Red

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Open source communities encourage innovation through collaboration. Without them, many of the technologies we take for granted today would never have developed, or would be locked away behind patent law. Deployment of Rocky Linux represents a return to true open-source principles, powered by open communities.

Tareq Amin - CEO of Rakuten Mobile and Rakuten

Switch to Rocky Linux with CIQ

Rocky Linux, a free enterprise-grade open source Linux distribution, is the clear successor to CentOS Linux. With CIQ’s support and services, you can migrate with ease and mitigate risks to your production data and workloads, ensuring the long-term security and stability of your migrated systems. Keep reading to see how and why to migrate to Rocky Linux with CIQ!

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